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About Us


Dynex Global’s main goal is to promote health and wellness for everyone from the young to the old. Being family owned and operated we strive to give you the service and professionalism that everone deserves. We are available to answer any of your questions and are just a call away. With the always increasing amount of harmful EMFs, getting balanced with our frequency products is a no brainer. We are very proud of our products and the response from our customers. Many of our customers had told us that they were experiencing aches and pains, had neurological issues, vertigo, or other challenges qualities of life. After equipping themselves with frequency infused jewelry they have told us how thankful they are and how their quality of life has improved. Another great thing about our products is that frequencies are carefully infused, they are permanent. We have a lifetime guarantee on all our frequency products to hold the frequency. Let us help change you or the people you love for the better. A body with only good frequencies is a happy body.

You will also find our brautiful line of quality fashion jewelry in our selections.

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